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26th Oct 2023

350: The Beginners Guide To Launching A Course Affiliate Program

Creating an affiliate program for your online course can make a huge difference in your sales, but there are important things to consider. Being ready to start an affiliate program has prompted me to ask for a lot of advice from creators whose values align with mine. Do you want to know what they told me? Join me for this episode to learn more!

You’ll Learn:

  • My explanation of the basics of an affiliate program and how it works
  • 5 things successful creators told me to think about:
  • Start with a small group of beta testers and get their valuable feedback. (I’m starting with a group of four people.)
  • Establish your affiliate’s tax status from the start. (You’ll need to fill out the proper forms.)
  • Set up auto payouts and refunds. (Take advantage of systems that make these processes easier. We use Kartra.)
  • Think of your course as a way to build a “microphone” for your student, their message, and their social media/email marketing. (This makes it easier to bring in affiliate income.)
  • Consider the 80/20 principle. The top 80-90% of your sales will come from the top 20% of your affiliates. (Ask, “What can I create to fuel the top 20% of my affiliates?”)


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