Published on:

19th Oct 2023

349: Working Through Messages About What A Therapist Is "Supposed" To Do with Erin Gibb

Welcome! Today’s topic is relevant to every clinician and business owner. How do we create and build a business according to our values and sense of fulfillment rather than based on what society says should fulfill us? Join us to learn more!

Our Featured Guest

Erin Gibb

Erin Gibb is a group practice owner, podcast host, and coach who specializes in helping therapists navigate the societal and systemic factors that impact their businesses. She helps people build businesses and lives in alignment with who they are meant to be. In today’s session, we dive into how the words we say have a great impact on others, things that are happening at a systemic level, and why many therapists are suffering in silence because of self-sacrificial attitudes. 

You’ll Learn:

  • How Erin got into her line of work focused on mentoring, supervising, and coaching therapists
  • Why Erin’s mission now is to show the difference between success and fulfillment
  • Why Erin calls her work a “mental health revolution”
  • Why we get trapped in equating our self-worth with our revenue
  • How our “broken system” needs to change
  • How Erin sees imposter syndrome play out for her clients
  • Highlights of Erin’s work, podcast, and available resources


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