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2nd Nov 2023

ENCORE: Real Advice To Therapists Launching An Online Course

Today’s episode is a valuable one if you are thinking about launching an online course sometime soon or in the future. My encouragement to you is to do it! Get started! Join me for this solo episode in which we discuss the basics.

You’ll Learn

  • The most common reasons to launch an online course: to put your message out there to impact more people in different locations, to feel more fulfilled in your purpose, to diversify income streams, and to spark more creativity
  • The highlights of my online course creation story that began in 2015---complete with all the doubts and fears
  • How my first online course has surpassed my wildest dreams in passing the $200K mark in revenue
  • What it means to me to build a successful online course:
  • I can build a life around my loved ones and self-care instead of fitting my loved ones and self-care around my career.
  • We as a family can contribute time and resources to organizations that make the world a better place.
  • I can create my ideal retirement schedule years before I actually retire.
  • Why I want you to write down the completion to this statement: “A successful online course for me would mean . . .”

Five pieces of advice to help you avoid the mistakes I made:

  1. Online course creation is a long road---don’t rush it!
  2. Don’t pick an online course platform because it’s cheap or free.
  3. The first version of your online course will not be the final version.
  4. See your online course as part of a larger value ladder rather than a one-off offering.
  5. Build your course in community with others.


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