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15th Jun 2023

340: 3 Meetings 99% of Course Creators Don’t Schedule But Absolutely Need

Are you a course creator who wants to get better and better at your craft? I launched my first online course back in 2015, and I’m glad I did it and started on this journey. The truth is that I had no clue what I was doing! I feel like I’ve learned so much since then, and I’m happy to share those things with all of you. In today’s session, I’m discussing three non-negotiable meetings that I’ve implemented with my online courses. This simple technique has played a massive role in making over $300K more than the original $2K I made from the same course in 2015. Are you curious to hear more? Join me!

You’ll Learn:

Three meetings course creators need:

  • After-action review (AARS)--takes place after a launch. 
  • Ask and answer three questions: What went well? What did not go well? What was missing?
  • This simple step has a massive impact on course growth and future scaling.
  • Live chat–is a way to “put yourself out there”
  • I recommend a quarterly live chat with existing students, whether one-on-one or in a group.
  • This feedback gives you an idea of what’s working/what’s not and allows you to come up with better offers in the future.
  • Learning time–is a way to be a student for life.
  • Block off time weekly to get better at your course topic and related topics by learning more
  • “Being a lifelong student of your course topic opens up a lifetime of opportunities.”


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