336: How To Give Better Virtual Presentations with Lorraine Lee

In today’s busy online world, virtual presentations are everything in how you are received AND perceived. If you put forth the effort to create an online course, webinar, or speaking engagement, you want to show up authentically and masterfully to engage your audience. This is an important area in which there is always room for improvement! My guest today is a proven expert in virtual presentation, and she’s here to share her knowledge with us. Join us to learn more!

Our Featured Guest

Lorraine K. Lee

Lorraine Lee is a top career and business virtual keynote speaker who has been featured in several publications and on podcasts with numerous accomplishments and awards throughout her career. She has worked in several editorial roles at LinkedIn and Prezi and has built a LinkedIn following of over 300,000, so she is very much immersed in the world of virtual presentations and online learning. She is the perfect person to help us understand more about improving our virtual presentations. 

Lorraine's Website

You’ll Learn:

  • How virtual presentations give you access to a wider audience and help you stand out in your expertise
  • Why the entertainment factor of virtual presentations cannot be ignored
  • Examples of different types of virtual presentations
  • Lorraine’s tips for improving your virtual presentations:
  • Add movement to your presentations and incorporate “state changes.”
  • Curate your background with features that are calming, positive, personable, and professional.
  • Include visuals on your screens to help people learn and remember. (90% of the information processed by our brains is visual!)
  • Use eye contact to improve your connection to your audience.
  • How to implement visuals like logos, color gradients, and simple info on your screen
  • How to use artwork, photos, and personal elements to cultivate a deeper connection
  • How to set up your monitor, camera, laptop, etc. to maximize eye contact with your audience
  • Lorraine’s tips for introverts in showing up better in visual presentations
  • An overview of Lorraine’s expanding consulting business

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