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11th May 2023

335: How To Show Up On Social Media When You Have A Love/Hate With It With Elizabeth Penela, PhD

Welcome to today’s session, which is a conversation/coaching call with a member of our Online Course Mastermind.

We focus today on the dilemma that comes along with social media. While social media is a fantastic way to connect with people and build your online presence, it can be a major source of distraction, comparison, and even addiction.

How do you handle the tension that comes with social media if you don’t really like being there? This is a common struggle for many clinicians, including me, and this makes me think more intentionally about how to show up while guarding my time against a social media takeover.

Join us as we explore the hidden dangers and potential benefits of social media and learn how to handle the tension that comes with it.

Our Featured Guest for today’s coaching call

Elizabeth Penela, Ph.D.

Dr. Elizabeth Penela (Eli) is a licensed psychologist in Florida who works primarily with families of anxious kids. In helping those with anxiety and OCD, she offers compassionate and effective treatment that goes way beyond traditional talk therapy.

Appointments at her practice for adults and children are available in English and Spanish with both in-person and telehealth options.

In today’s session, you’ll hear our conversation around Eli’s new online course, how she is engaging on social media now, and helpful advice about protecting her time, energy, and privacy on social media platforms. 

Dr. Penela’s Website (Wise Mama Bears)

You’ll Learn:

  • Why Eli decided to create her online course for parents of children who struggle with anxiety 
  • How an online course gives a greater opportunity to help more people in a group format with a parent-friendly schedule
  • Why Eli is planning to launch her course with an 8-week live cohort and let it evolve over time to a more pre-recorded version
  • How Eli realized that social media (even though it’s NOT her thing) is important in the course-building world to increase her visibility and expertise
  • How social media tension for Eli is an “energy” matter of having to show up regularly, read comments, respond, etc. 
  • How Eli is using Instagram and LinkedIn right now
  • Melvin’s advice to Eli about protecting her time and energy on social media:
  • Limit notifications that come through on your phone.
  • Use time-blocking techniques and focus on a few people for quality engagements–instead of connecting with everyone.
  • Tune into your energy levels and guard the privacy of yourself and your family. 
  • Don’t feel pressure to live on social media because everyone else is doing it.


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