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4th May 2023

334: Mindset Shifts Going From Therapy To Online Course Income with Mineela Chand, LMFT

The pandemic has dramatically shifted and shaped the world of therapy, and it’s prompted all of us to take a close look at our work and how we can do it best. We have learned that we, as therapists, can deploy our unique skill set in different realms than we originally planned, such as moving from the therapy room to bringing in online course income. This transition brings a struggle that is common to many clinicians, and it causes a tremendous amount of fear and imposter syndrome. Join us for this open and honest conversation. 

Our Featured Guest

Mineela Chand

Mineela Chand is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Wayne, PA. Besides being a corporate leadership coach and a certified brain spotting therapist who also has a divinity degree, she is a dear friend and colleague of several years. Since 2022, I have done monthly brain spotting sessions with Mineela, which I’ve found to be extremely beneficial. In today’s session, we are discussing the three biggest roadblocks in going from clinical to online course income. Mineela has worked with a lot of therapists and online course creators, and she uses her background and experience to walk us through the mindset shifts in this transition.

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You’ll Learn:

  • How we can focus on our unique skills as therapists instead of the “role” we take on
  • Why the caring and helping professions are difficult to transition from–and leave us feeling guilty for wanting to do something else
  • The three mindset roadblocks in the transition away from therapy to online course income:
  • Visibility--How am I going to be seen?
  • Ability–Can I do this?
  • Stability–Will I have the finances to make it work?
  • Why doing our work outside the privacy of the therapy room takes us outside our comfort zone
  • How our personal trauma keeps us from showing up with a new level of visibility
  • How Mineela handled “the fear monster” when it showed up for her
  • How it helps to “create a bridge” between what you read/learn and what you DO (Mineela explains how to create a bridge between what you know about therapy and what you want to do with an online course.)

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