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2nd Jun 2022

312: SEO When Doing Telehealth Across The State

Today’s topic is a relevant one for many clinicians as telehealth services have become a widespread, vital, and normal part of the healthcare field. Specifically, we are focusing on how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) changes when you practice telehealth across your state or even in multiple states. I’m continually fascinated by SEO and how it works, and it’s something I’m still learning. If you are like me, join us to learn more!

Our Featured Guest

Jessica Tappana, MSW, LCSW

Jessica Tappana is the founder of Simplified SEO Consulting, a firm that helps private practice owners build their businesses through Search Engine Optimization. She’s a group practice owner in Missouri and an SEO nerd who loves taking therapy websites to the top in Google rankings. In today’s session, Jessica talks about the biggest considerations in SEO as telehealth becomes the norm, as well as tips to improve SEO in practicing telehealth. We wrap up with Jessica’s insights about SEO as it relates to location-based services.


You’ll Learn:

  • The biggest difference in approaching SEO as telehealth becomes the norm
  • Why content generation is the solution to improve SEO for telehealth provider
  • Why there is less work required to maintain an SEO ranking once you achieve it
  • Jessica’s tips for telehealth practitioners to improve SEO:
  • Create a unique location page for each state in which you are relevant.
  • Have a technically-sound website.
  • Blog regularly. (The optimal frequency depends heavily on your location and level of competition.)
  • The value in truly useful content for our clients that ALSO improves SEO
  • Why SEO doesn’t like “psycho-babble” but notices readability

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