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24th Feb 2022

302: Why I Spent $4K On Studio Lighting For My Home Office

Today’s session is a solo episode in which I share details about why I have made the $4K investment in studio lighting for my home office since 2019. This session is prompted by a Twitter feed that has gone viral about this subject. You can check it out on Twitter and see lots of pictures of my lighting gear, including before and after examples that really show the improvements. Even though this gear can be pricey, you can follow my tips, start small, and add quality equipment over time to take your videos and online presence to the next level.

You’ll Learn:

● My top five tips for lighting your home studio:

○ Invest in a key light to create a natural look.

■ Pro Tip: look for a key light with remote control intensity settings and invest in a heavy duty light stand.

■ My gear: the Aperture 120D + Light Dome 2

○ Invest in a fill light to keep you from looking like an evil villain.

■ Pro Tip: Use a 10-ft. USB-C to USB cable so it doesn’t turn off in the middle of something important.

■ My gear: the Falcon Eyes f7

○ Invest in a hair light so you “pop out” from the background.

■ Pro Tip: Look for one with a magic arm and clamp.

■ My gear: a second Falcon Eyes f7 (placed at the right angle)

○ Invest in practical lights to create intrigue, depth, and atmosphere.

■ Pro Tip: Buy a light with a dimmer switch (or attach a separate dimmer switch) so that you can control the intensity.

Mentioned in this episode:

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