301: Balancing Fatherhood and Entrepreneurship

Today’s topic is one of great interest to me because of my journey through life. It can be difficult and very challenging to balance fatherhood and entrepreneurship in a way that feels like you are giving your best to both roles. Maybe you find yourself in a similar situation. Join me for today’s conversation to learn more!

Our Featured Guest:

Ryan Spence

Ryan Spence is a father of two, a former corporate lawyer turned entrepreneur, and a life coach who helps others show up as their best selves to live their best lives. Ryan and I connected through Rachel Rodgers’ The Club, and I quickly grew to respect his intentionality around fatherhood and entrepreneurship. Ryan’s oldest child is neurodivergent, so he faces some unique parenting challenges. In today’s session, we are having an open and honest conversation about the nuances of balancing fatherhood with entrepreneurship, along with how to best handle work disruptions and challenges that come with being a parent. Ryan is full of practical advice that can help others navigate the parenting journey that leaves us all wondering if we are giving our best to our kids.

I am Ryan Spence

You’ll Learn:

● How Ryan navigated the transition from corporate law to entrepreneurship as a dad to small children

● Why Ryan was able to follow his heart and leave his law career

● How yoga and personal development have helped Ryan clarify his values and priorities

● How Ryan reconnected with layers of himself after “going through the motions” for several years

● Why we usually default to what seems easy and comfortable

● Why autonomy and creativity became important aspects of life for Ryan

● How Ryan handles day-to-day disruptions in his work

● How giving his kids space in his time and meditating every morning help him be a better dad

● Why it’s important to keep end goals in mind regarding the balance of entrepreneurship and fatherhood, particularly when irritated

● Why the little things are most often the big things

● A sneak peek at Ryan’s new book, coming in April: The Triple C Method: Gain Clarity, Boost Confidence, and Build Courage so You Can Live Life Lit

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