Published on:

16th Nov 2023

ENCORE: Building A Directory For Trauma Therapists

Today’s show is about building an online directory, which is hugely relevant to every clinician. Whether you’ve used an online directory to refer clients or thought about creating a directory to help other clinicians and clients, you know that it is a valuable resource that makes it easier to find a therapist who can help with very specific needs. Join us to learn more!

Our Featured Guest

Laura Reagan, LCSW-C

Laura Reagan is a clinical social worker and integrative trauma specialist in Maryland who had the idea to create a directory for trauma therapists, Trauma Therapist Network. She’s a trauma survivor who has specifically worked around trauma for the past 19 years. Through her years of experience, she has learned a lot about the nuances of trauma therapy, the services available, and what services are lacking. Laura gives us a behind-the-scenes look at how her idea for the directory evolved, the logical steps in the creation process, and the helpful resources that are available in creating an online directory. We wrap up today’s conversation with a look at what has gone well in Laura’s process and the things that are being constantly tweaked along the way.

Trauma Therapist Network

You’ll Learn:

  • How Laura got the idea to create an online directory of trauma therapists
  • How Laura saw the need and made the leap to create the online directory
  • How the directory helps people find the specific therapy focus that aligns with their trauma
  • How the directory goes beyond finding a therapist but also helps inform and educate people about trauma and its effects
  • The first steps Laura took to take the online directory from an idea to reality
  • Why Laura was willing to make the intentional commitment of time, effort, and money (lots of money!) to make the directory a thoroughly usable resource that helps people feel safe, hopeful, and reassured
  • How Laura conveys the important message through the directory that trauma doesn’t define a person and that there is hope to improve and make a better life
  • Why Laura had to allow herself to receive help and support in the development process
  • How creating the directory has been similar to giving birth to a child and watching it grow and develop into what it was meant to be


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