361: The Anxiety Of Finding A Private Practice Niche

About a month ago, I shared that I’ve decided to go into private practice, in addition to keeping STC running and growing. There are three main reasons for this decision: I miss the therapy room, a clinical arm to my business is a wise move, and I’ll be able to more strategically diversify my income. I think this venture will offer new opportunities for the future that are beneficial in many ways, but, to be honest, this decision has brought me some anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

I’m addressing these issues with my wonderful therapist, and I’m doing all the things that we therapists tell our clients to do. My worries and fears are probably normal for someone who feels the pressure to be successful in multiple businesses and endeavors. In today’s solo session, I’m sharing my insights on finding my private practice niche. Join me for a closer look!

You’ll Learn: 

  • What is a niche, and how did I choose my niche for private practice? Who do I want to work with?
  • My top four insights on finding my private practice niche:
  • Niches are living and breathing things that evolve over time.
  • Family and friends will always recommend people outside your niche.
  • There is a relational component to marketing beyond your website.
  • Even though my niche focuses on tech and business founders, working within other branches of these niches will add diversity to my work. (These last two insights come from my friends, Raj Lulla and Ben Lueders, the founders of Fruitful Design.)


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