ENCORE What I Learned from Creating a Course for CEUs with Matthew Bierds

Many of us have thought about creating continuing education courses and wondered how the process works and what factors are involved. Who better to learn from than someone who has done this successfully? Being successful at CEU course creation takes innovation, creativity, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Join us for informative insights from today’s guest!

Our Featured Guest

Matthew Bierds

Matt Bierds, from Duke City Counseling, is a licensed professional counselor, course creator, and professional speaker who does in-person and virtual counseling and LPC supervision in Texas and New Mexico. As far back as ten years ago, Matt realized that the world of online education was expanding, and he knew there were interesting opportunities for LPCs in the area of online courses. After jumping into this arena, Matt went through a “failing forward” phase before making a few tweaks and creating a course for LPC supervisors. In today’s session, Matt shares the lessons learned along his fascinating journey and the mistakes and successes that have brought him to where he is today. 

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You’ll Learn:

  • Matt’s wisdom: “I learned the hard way that selling general continuing education courses online is pointless and a waste of time and money.”
  • The value in pivoting and niching down when something isn’t working
  • Discovering the sweet spot: How Matt created a course designed for a specific person in a specific situation
  • Course creation is successful when you see the need and solve the pain point.
  • Matt’s path to building trust and cultivating repeat customers
  • The progression and development of Matt’s 40-hour course and 6-hour refresher courses
  • The challenges in maintaining compliance and navigating changes in licensing requirements
  • Course creation challenges: creating content and incorporating more video interaction and student engagement
  • Matt’s biggest mistakes and successes in marketing his courses


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