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31st Aug 2023

ENCORE: Depression and Private Practice Building

Today’s topic is a popular one that affects many people. I’m not ashamed to say that I have struggled with mental health and depression. It’s especially important to know how to balance mental health and the challenges of entrepreneurship. Join us for this incredibly open and honest conversation.

Our Featured Guest-Rebekah Shackney, LCSW

Rebekah Shackney has struggled with depression, which runs on both sides of her family. She’s here to share her story and how her life and business have been impacted. She will help guide us and share what she has learned in building a successful practice around therapy and DBT groups. If you hear those voices of doubt and fear in your head, join us to hear Rebekah’s helpful insight about the delicate dance of managing mental health and the demands of entrepreneurship.

Rebekah Shackney

You’ll Learn:

● How Rebekah’s struggle with genetic depression began

● Why one of the worst parts of depression is believing the lies that depression tells you

● How motherhood intensified depression for Rebekah as she experienced postpartum depression as she tried to balance work and parenthood

● How Rebekah started out in private practice but didn’t feel successful or “good enough”

● How she was paralyzed by envy of others and their success

● How she found the energy and determination to make changes and adjustments

● Why Rebekah started a podcast, A Therapist Takes Her Own Advice

● How she changed her money mindset to squelch the voices of doubt and fear

● Techniques that Rebekah has used to confront fear and get through it

● How Rebekah can show up and do what she wants to do in life to serve and help others

● How DBT can help people take ownership, accept their situation, and take steps to make changes

● Rebekah’s #1 piece of advice to clinicians: “Pay for the supervision you need and deserve.”


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