364: How to Start Writing a Book: Things They Don’t Tell You

If you’ve ever thought about writing a book, you’ve realized that the process is intimidating. Just knowing where to begin and how to proceed pose big challenges. We are tackling this topic with today’s guest and uncovering the things nobody tells you about writing a book. Join us to get real and learn more!

Our Featured Guest

Raj Lulla

Raj Lulla is a StoryBrand Certified designer and strategist. He and his partner, Ben Lueders, are the co-owners of Fruitful Design & Strategy, where they “create and grow compelling brands.” Raj has spent the last few years writing a book called The Caring House, and he joins us to dive deeper into the book-writing process. He shares why he chose to write a fiction book, how he approached the publishing aspect, and the financial outlay for a project like this. We wrap up with Raj’s perspective on the things no one tells you about marketing a book and Raj’s best tips for anyone who wants to write a book. 

Fruitful Design and Raj Lulla

You’ll Learn:

  • Raj’s choice: fiction vs. nonfiction?
  • Big questions to confront around the grief-processing journey
  • Raj’s idea for The Caring House as part of his personal healing process
  • Writing to answer the question, “What is this book for?”
  • Narrowing your purpose to the “most important thing”
  • Understanding the publishing dilemma: a traditional publisher, indie/hybrid publishing, or self-publishing? 
  • Differences in the pitching/publishing process between a fiction vs. nonfiction book
  • Financial considerations in the book-writing process
  • Details about the “print-on-demand” publishing option and the hard work required to market a self-published book
  • Raj’s advice to aspiring writers


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